About Blue Giraffe

Welcome to Blue Giraffe! We are an online and brick and mortar boutique that strives to bring you the latest styles at an affordable price. We offer women’s clothing and accessories that are trendy and unique. We offer new and stylish boutique apparel as well as monogrammed and custom apparel. We are always adding new items to expand our selection for our amazing customers.

Blue Giraffe started as a small Facebook group by Shannon Faith and Stacey Day on September 8, 2015. To our surprise Blue Giraffe took off and we opened our brick and mortar location in Georgetown, KY on October 6, 2018. Shannon and Stacey enjoy different styles and have different tastes in apparel and accessories which is one thing that makes Blue Giraffe work. We are able to offer a wide variety of products to appeal to almost everyone! This also is carried over to our monogrammed and personalized items. Not only do the differences in style work for us in selecting new and trendy items for our customers, it also carries over to the daily coming and goings of Blue Giraffe. Shannon loves chatting with customers and helping them shop for something special. Showing off new items has become a specialty, with her mastered selfies! Stacey prefers to work on the administrative side of things. Her background in business administration situates her perfectly to oversee that things run smoothly to keep our customers happy. When she isn’t doing that, she is working on new applique shirts we have come to know and love!

Blue Giraffe’s goal is to ensure that all of our customers walk away happy and have a wonderful shopping experience. We work hard to ensure that we get to know our customers, what they like, what works for them and so much more. It truly is our main priority to make sure our customers get top notch service from us and walk away completely satisfied!