Bubble Rubbles (PRE-ORDER)
Bubble Rubbles (PRE-ORDER)

Bubble Rubbles (PRE-ORDER)

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▪️The fizzing bubble bath rocks make suds like a bubble bath while they soften your skin and change the tub water fun colors. 

▪️Organic coloring will not stain tubs. 

▪️5-6 uses per tub




🌈 Stress Free is lavender and frankincense blended together to offer the best in stress reduction aromatherapy.

🌈Fruit Loops is exactly what it says!  It smells just like fruit loops and leaves your skin feeling so fresh and smooth. 

🌈 Mermaid Glow is a Fruity Explosion scent. A fun surprise scent that is sweet and fruity, and always ever changing.

🌈 Cotton Candy is this sweet aroma of spun sugar with hints of vanilla and strawberries.

🌈 Honeysuckle and Jasmine is bright and lively with just the right amount of softness and warmth. A floral masterpiece!

🌈Pain Relief is a signature blend of essential oils designed to help relieve minor discomfort, aches and pains!

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